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The painting, Rise of The Thunderbird, size: 64in x 42.5in, acrylic, ink, charcoal, and metal powders on canvas, embodied the physical result of a dream during the summer of 2019, finally completed in early March 2020.

The spiritual creature of the thunderbird, ancient and found in many cultures and stories, is often seen as an alchemical symbol of transcendence and understanding; to become our true selves, we must meet our shadow and accept the unknown.

The artist reserves the right to exhibit one, exact scale print until 2028. After which it will be burned. The purchaser will be allowed one exact scale print. Upon the resale of the this piece, the seller must publicly burn their printed edition. The new owner may then print one exact scale print. No other printed copies are allowed to be created or made for sale or exhibition.

Select educational distribution purposes may be discussed between the artist and the owner.

This is a lower resolution image. Purchaser will obtain full resolution files as well as access to advice from artist in regards to printing and showcasing. OpenSea

Rise of The Thunderbird
Rise of The Thunderbird
Mixed Media on Cavas
64" x 42.5"