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Ascension of The Thunderbird

Ascension of The Thunderbird was created July 23rd, 2021 on the eve of the Thunder Full Moon, suspended over peaceful waters. This act is an offering.

The spiritual creature of the Thunderbird is often seen as an alchemical symbol of transcendence and understanding; to become our true selves, we must meet our shadow and accept the unknown. The painting, Rise of The Thunderbird, size: 64in x 42.5in, acrylic, ink, charcoal, and metal powders on canvas, embodied the physical result of a dream during the summer of 2019, finally completed in early March 2020.

This video has captured the burning of my original painting. After deep reflection and meditation, this is the course of action that came through in crystal clarity.

The burning symbolizes offering and authenticity. The video is enhanced and layered to exhibit the multidimensional realms of awakening that were inspired. It also is a nod to the magnetic, repeating pattens that weave existence together and the stories that we, as humans, choose to interpret. The path has been taken before, but never with these feet.

The beauty and power of destruction and creation would not have been successful without the help of two close friends weaving strands of energetic fire. Thank you M & K.

The Thunderbird is released.

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