Dave Hickey, from Enter the Dragon: On the Vernacular of Beauty, quotes Baudelaire as saying “the beautiful is always strange,” and because of that, it will always feel familiar, approachable, and experiential. Beauty becomes our doorway to understanding and awareness. This is art to me.

My visual practice as an artist is interdisciplinary and constantly evolving, growing. The concept drives the medium of choice. Exploration dictates the need for fluidity and ability in "materiality", promoting play while pulling strength from drawing and painting. My pieces intertwine mediums, becoming assemblages, installations, performances, still life observations, or large-scale figurative works that utilize graphite, watercolor, and gouache.

I focus on layers of the human experience, often through themes of identity, memory, and ritual. The pieces fabricated rely and build upon the use of metaphor and symbolism to evoke personal responses from the viewer.

Anna K. Lemnitzer is currently the Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts major and Associate Professor of Art at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She earned an MFA in Art from The University of Montana, School of Art in 2012, and a BFA in Art Education emphasis Sculpture from The University of Arizona, School of Art in 2005.