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Peaches Snake Goddess Painting
Bbq’d Peaches Like You Wanted
Graphite, Gouache and Ink on Paper
14" x 11"

Ascended in burning, October 20th, 2021. Canyon, TX
Peaches: F*** The Pain Away played in her honor.

A few tidbits about the work:

The (Minoan) Snake Goddess/Deity/Priestess is a an ancient figurine found off of the island of Crete. "She" is found in many versions throughout cultures, though not always with the same name, or the same objects. It is a ritualistic figure.

The Reishi is an ancient mushrooms of immortality used to boost the immune system.

The seven peaches...Peaches...take a bite.

I offer this piece up in the first Moon Burn.


The original drawing of this piece has been found...it could resurrect.