Strange Connections #2: Peeling Orange

Dave Hickey, from Enter the Dragon: On the Vernacular of Beauty, quotes Baudelaire as saying “the beautiful is always strange,” by which he means, that it is always strangely familiar. It can be said that going through various mental states and conditions is universal in the human race and is a reflection of the societies in which we live and participate. This in turn allows us to be capable of understanding others at a deep and profound level.

My work examines how we perceive normalcy and in turn, differentiate the concept of abnormal through visual metaphors. I attempt to visually capture and understand the psychological elements specific in their effects and manifestations while seeking to create a relatable, aesthetic experience.

Altered objects, two-dimensional media, installation and performance serve to stand as an extension of "self" and "psyche". These "psychological interior" explorations often reference an individual’s domestic and very personal spaces (including the body), which allows for a physical awareness and appreciation of another’s personality and psychological characteristics.

This is done in order to create a more in-depth understanding or empathy of psychological disorders and various mental states, such as intense anxiety or anger, which exist within all of us.