Anna Kirsten Lemnitzer
Dave Hickey, from Enter the Dragon: On the Vernacular of Beauty, quotes Baudelaire as saying “the beautiful is always strange,” by which he means, that it is always strangely familiar.

Thematically, my work examines perceptions of “self” and “psyche”. These explorations often reference an individual’s domestic and very personal spaces (including the body), which allows for a physical awareness and appreciation of another’s personality and psychological characteristics.

In my artistic practice, the content dictates the materials and methods necessary for the formulation of an idea. The approaches I use include performance, video and installation, all of which ride the backbone of drawing and traditional applications.

The manipulation of ideas through color, processes, space, sound and the body to fabricate visual metaphors is a rich area of exploration. The psychological, physical and often intimate experience that is manufactured through art allows for the creation of understanding and awareness which allows me to communicate an aesthetic experience with my viewer.